Scientific Summits is bringing top science to your doorstep

Scientific Summits is a non-profit organization with the aim to create an educational platform that summarizes the scientific content of recent conferences and recent international medical journals, as well as recent developments in medical treatments and technologies. This platform targets and communicates to doctors & doctors in training.

Scientific Summits is needed

Scientific Summits aims to run projects in several disciplines. The multidisciplinary platform has proven to be very successful within the urology and uro-oncology discipline.

  • Continuous learning is crucial and has real impact on therapeutic quality.
  • Changing regulation limiting the possibilities to attend conferences for many professionals.
  • Time constraints limiting the number of events or number of publications that one can follow.
  • There are so many scientific studies out there. How can you keep track of the latest findings?
  • Medical professionals want to have interaction with experts and peers in a scientific setting.
  • There are many voices, not all of them are independent.

How we work: detailed choices making a difference

Scientific Summits wants to play a role in improving healthcare by creating an educational platform for medical professionals that will summarize and communicate recent top level knowledge.

Neutral scientific content
Scientific Summits Event 29th of April 2017
  • Scientific board organizes program
  • Content approval by scientific organization
Real learning
Scientific Summits Event
  • Maximize interactivity
  • Real case studies
  • Use new learning technologies (filming & interview)
  • Hybrid & online congresses
  • E-learning will be developed
Scientific Summits Event 29th of April 2017
  • Real learning experience, accreditation
  • Compact interactive specialized events
  • Attractive locations
  • Choice of timing (Saturday in Belgium)

Scientific Summits
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Scientific Summits has been possible thanks to your help


Launch legal structure

Pilot event


2 events for Urologists in Belgium

Good attendance, highly rated


Formal co-operation with BVU

2 more events for urologists

Expansion board to ensure professional set-up financial structure


Proof that we can become the learning platform of choice for Urologist professionals

Better communication installed


Expansion board te ensure all angles and areas of the field of urology are represented

Highly successful conferences with international key leader opinions


Video learning & online conferences

International expansion


Hybrid meeting with professional livestream

On demands are now available


Renewed focus on discussion, interaction and networking